Monday, August 9, 2010

:: Fully Stocked professional photographic studio 24 hr access.
:: Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just 2 blocks from Grand St. Station (L train)
:: As low as $15/hr

:: Contact: for availability & reservation

:: Makeup and Reception Area.  Private wash basin.  Full restroom/shower facilities across the hallway

:: shoot full length at ~125mm in portrait

:: all these were taken at 35mm on a cropped sensor

:: Dedicated makeup area

:: ipod/computer compatible speakers :)

:: 2x Alienbee 800s w/ reflectors

:: 2x Profoto D1s w/ reflectors
:: 1x avenger Boom
:: 1x Manfrotto Combi Boom
:: 5x light stands
:: 1x Alienbee beautydish + grid

:: 1x AB medium softbox with grid

:: 1x AB large softbox
:: 3x small translucent umbrellas
:: 1x large softlighter umbrella/umbrella softbox

:: 1x medium size softbox CL for profoto (check for availability)
:: 1x 5' octabox for AB (check for availability)

:: 1x super white

:: 1x fashion grey
:: 1x slate grey
:: 1x coral pink
:: 1x blue mist

:: Contact: for availability & reservation